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After many years of working full time and raising a family, I realized I needed to get serious and intentional to preserve my health as best I can. Laura was recommended to me by a friend and after our initial hour and a half conversation, I found Laura to be fully present and affirming. I had confidence that she could help me. Laura has been my health coach for 10 months. She is an amazing/skilled listener. She is adept at reframing and clarifying MY health goals. During our sessions, she asks questions that I ponder deeply, resulting in visualizing real steps that I can try over the next week, getting me closer to finding what will work for ME.
In the past, I have often felt like "I failed" or "it will never happen" that I reach my full health potential, or even maintain the health I have. With Laura's encouragement and guidance, I try many different paths, some work and some don't but it is ALWAYS a learning experience for me and originates from me. This has helped me to understand my strengths; where I once could not see progress, I see and feel it now. Renewed Hope. Working (yes, it is work!) with Laura is truly a GIFT to myself; the gift of health.

I'm "Living the gift" - for which I am so grateful!

Maryalice S.
New York

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